Multi-Media Journalist

When breaking news happens, I am at my best, in the field, collecting information, tweeting, posting on Facebook and doing live reports.  

In July 2011, a man killed seven people in Grand Rapids, leading to a manhunt that nearly the entire city watched on air and online.  Viewers spent eight hours watching coverage, featuring my updates and professional insight, live in the field as the terror unfolded, and finally ended, when the suspect took his own life.  The continuous coverage required my ability to relay developing information minute-by-minute.   Dozens of people tweeted, texted and emailed me during and following the coverage, to thank me for keeping them informed. 

For more than a year, I led coverage of the worst environmental disaster in the Midwest, when over one million gallons of crude oil spilled out of a pipeline in southern Michigan, contaminating acres of land and two waterways. When events brought national and international attention to Grand Rapids, my experience and ability put our coverage on top.  Extensive working knowledge of the criminal court system led to my coverage of dozens of trials, including blogging of high-profile cases.  My investigative work has earned awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and honors from private organizations.  

I have covered high school, college, and pro sports, most notably the Detroit Red Wings in several Stanley Cup Finals, the Detroit Tigers and Super Bowl XL.  I also have experience as a fill-in anchor.  

The biggest assets I bring to a newsroom: investigative knowledge, and the ability to cover breaking news in a cool yet concise manner, not just on air and online, but also through social media.   Check out my recent video resumes on the toolbar on the left.  You can reach me at for more information.

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